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elis paprika & the black pilgrims Bandfoto

Sa 6.7.2024

musik, kunst, punk, frauenpower aus mexiko !

elis paprika & the black pilgrims

Café Central Weinheim

Einlass: 19.00 UhrBeginn: 20.00 Uhr

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Elis Paprika (real name Erika Elizabeth Nogues; May 8, 1980) is an independent musician, singer, songwriter, and activist from Mexico, active in Mexico’s Rock scene since 2004. , Elis Paprika has also performed internationally in North and South America, South East and East Asia, and Europe. She was named „Artist of the Month“ on MTVLatin America in August 2006. Musicians in her band have varied throughout the years, and her current live and recording band is called The Black Pilgrims. Elis started her career in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico.

She has released 8 records to date, Give Me Love in 2006, EP2 in 2007, Express in 2009, Maldito in 2010, Animal in 2012,Adiós in 2013, Black & White in 2016, Venganza in 2019. She also released singles like „Love Love Love“ (2011) and „Now Girls Rule“ (2014) which were not included in any of her previous records, but became part of Black & White, and singles like „The End Of The World“, and „Todo Se Está Cayendo“ (both in 2021). She was part of the tribute álbum Amo al Divo de Juarez with her versión of „Hasta Que Te Conocí“ by J. as well as the tribute album Tributo A: Ana José Nacho (Mecano) with her version of „No Tienes Nada Que Perder“ by Mecano.

Elis Paprika is also the founder and director of Now Girls Rule, a feminist organisation for music and art.

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