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private function Bandfoto

Mi 12.7.2023

punkrock//tipp des jahres!

private function

0,5 bullets

Café Central Weinheim

Einlass: 19.00 UhrBeginn: 20.00 Uhr

Abendkasse: € 15,–

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„Private Function might just be strong contenders for the title of the best band in
Australia right now… a group who use their platform to succeed in the rock world
while simultaneously turning the genre back on itself and laughing at it.“
– Rolling Stone
„When gigs are a distant memory, when strong anti-establishment sentiment ripples
across the world, all you can do as an artist is to keep making art without distracting
from the real issues at hand… Combine that with an affinity for taking the piss, and
you’ve got yourself a foolproof method for turning heads.“
They sold out the Forum Theatre, headlined the Sidney Myer Music Bowl and played to
crowds of more than 10,000. Now, Australian pub-rock firebrands PRIVATE FUNCTION
have ended their two-year musical silence, returning with their first new music since 2020.
The follow-up to 2020’s incendiary Whose Line Is it Anyway, which stormed the ARIA charts,
hitting #1, #2, and #9 on the vinyl, Australian, and worldwide charts respectively, Private
Function’s third album is a lethal example of what the group are capable of when firing on all
Recorded by Chris Wright at Collingwood’s Sunset Pig Studios (A. Swayze & the Ghosts,
Obscura Hail, Full Flower Moon Band), mixed by Matt Duffy (Rolling Blackouts Coastal
Fever, Cash Savage and the Last Drinks, The Peep Tempel), and masted by Mikey Young
(Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Total Control), the new record sees the band
complementing their punk-rock roots by effortlessly shifting into the rock’n’roll space, flexing genres as they maintain their iconic sensibilities and look toward the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s for
musical inspiration.
A powerful chapter in the story of a band who enjoy subverting expectations as much as
they do blazing their own trail, their forthcoming release is pure and uncut Private Function,
featuring blistering guitar solos, stadium-sized choruses, a brutal sense of musical intensity,
and their customary influences appearing alongside names as diverse as Metallica, The
Stooges, and – most surprisingly – Coldplay.
Having spent the better part of five years crafting a solid reputation as one of the country’s
most explosive, unpredictable and essential live bands, Private Function are an outfit whose
on and off-stage reputation precedes them at every turn.
Simultaneously combining their distinct brand of bratty humour and punk-rock irreverence
with the majesty of rock and the pageantry of roll while continually poking holes in the genre,
Private Function’s feverish following should come as no surprise to even a casual observer,
with their devotees constantly riding the PF tsunami alongside them.
Indeed, Private Function might strive toward the intersection of rock, punk and satire, but
their new body of work proves they’re not just a group that should be taken seriously, but there still on top

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